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It is not uncommon for a book to become more popular than its author, as many influential works eclipse what little is known about the life of the writer. Such is the case with Alexis de Tocqueville.

C-SPAN is removing some of the mystery surrounding Tocqueville. The photo gallery included here was the result of a five-day excursion to France taken by Brian Lamb, C-SPAN chairman and CEO, and Dr. John Splaine, an education professor at University of Maryland and C-SPAN viewing consultant. Their search for Tocqueville took them to Paris, where they walked the street on which Tocqueville was born, and to Versailles, where they found the apartment Tocqueville shared with Gustave de Beaumont. Then they headed to Verneuil to interview scholars who could piece together fragments of Tocqueville's past. And finally, in a small village near Normandy, they visited Tocqueville's home and gravesite.

C-SPAN returned to France again this spring to interview Tocqueville scholars and French historians. The descendants of Tocqueville and Gustave de Beaumont, Tocqueville's traveling companion, also shared personal stories and allowed C-SPAN's cameras to film Tocqueville's home. Click the icons on the left and right to follow the Tocqueville tour in France.

Chateau de Tocqueville

The Village of Tocqueville

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