Where to Go
What to Read
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Best site in the U.S. to find Tocqueville's papers:
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University in New Haven, CT

The French Connection
For more information on France, try these websites:

In the Library
Check out these books to learn more about Tocqueville:

  • Tocqueville, A Biography by Andre Jardin

  • Journey to America by Alexis de Tocqueville
    -Tocqueville's own notes from the trip

  • Tocqueville and Beaumont in America by George Wilson Pierson
    -Pierson wrote this book, which is considered the most comprehensive account of their journey, in 1938. Johns Hopkins University Press recently reprinted the book under the new title of Tocqueville in America. C-SPAN is using this book as its guide. Buy this book online. About Buying Books at C-SPAN

  • The Making of Tocqueville's Democracy in America by James T. Schleifer

  • Correspondence and Conversations of Alexis de Tocqueville with Nassau William Senior 1834-1859 edited by M.C.M. Simpson

  • Tocqueville and England by Seymour Drescher

  • Commager on Tocqueville by Henry Steele Commager

  • Tocqueville and the Two Democracies by Jean Lamberti

  • The Strange Liberalism of Alexis de Tocqueville by Roger Boesche

  • Reconsidering Tocqueville's Democracy in America edited by Abraham S. Eisenstadt

  • Liberty, Democracy and Equality edited by Eduardo Nolla

  • American Journey: Traveling with Tocqueville in Search of Democracy in America by Richard Reeves

  • America Revisited by Eugene McCarthy

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